Ken Beck Scholarship Fund


The Scholarship is named in honor of Kenneth H Beck who served as Assessor for Dover Township from 1960 until his untimely death in 1984.  In addition to being a long time regular member of the AMANJ, Ken served as the secretary from 1977 to 1984.  One of his passions as a member of the Association and as a human being was Education.  It was Ken's belief that continual education, either through formal education or practical learning, can benefit everyone.  He worked hard to provide opportunities to make this happen.  In order to continue his work, the AMANJ, in 1985, created the Kenneth H. Beck Scholarship Foundation.  This foundation provides assistance to children of the AMANJ members, who are worthy candidates, to pursue career goals through higher education.
The first Scholarship was awarded in 1986 and to date the Foundation has awarded 121 scholarships totaling $88,300. 

The Foundation members, on behalf of the AMANJ, sincerely thank all the people and organizations that have donated their time and money through the years to help us in our objective.

Current Foundation Members:

Lee Ann Russ, Treasurer

Michele Hennessey, Secretary/Chairperson

Peter Barnett

Tim Henderson

Martin Blaskey

Tom Colavecchio

Don Kosul

Karen McMahon

Maureen Kaman


    To provide assistance through scholarships to worthy candidates helping them pursue career goals through higher education.


    Be the Child of a regular member of the AMANJ in good standing and/or a retired or deceased member, who was in good standing at the time of retirement or death.
    Be a High School student in their senior year preparing to graduate and attend an institution of learning on a full time basis to continue a formal education.
    Submit a completed application, including all items on the cover letter where applicable, by the established deadline of May 1st

Application Address

City Hall

630 Avenue C

Room 19

Bayonne, NJ 07002


Ken Beck Foundation Application Package