About Us

The objectives of our Association are:

  • Raise the standards of the assessment profession by gaining recognition of its
    members as having professional skill and integrity;
  • Improve the standards of assessment practice;
  • Educate those engaged in assessment practice by promoting in-service training
  • Elevate the standards of personnel requirements in assessment offices;
  • Educate the general public in matters relating to assessment practice by informing
    them of the nature and importance of the assessing profession;
  • Engage in research and publish the results of studies in assessment administration;
  • Provide a clearing house for the collection and distribution of useful information
    relating to assessment practices;
  • Cooperate with other public and private agencies interested in the improvement of
    assessment administration;
  • Promote justice and equity in the distribution of the property tax burden;
  • Protect and defend the Office of Assessor against interference with the
    independence of the Assessor in the performance of his duties;
  • Promote fellowship among all members.