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Website History

The site is written in HTML with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and is powered by Drupal.

The AMANJ website design structure was developed by Chris Urban, the design and updating by Alex J. Worth.   

The origin of the original logo is unknown. Layouts were created and images edited with Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. Programming, development and site configuration were done with Coda and Sequel Pro and software versioning with Git.

Most scripting and interactivity is accomplished using PHP, with use of Javascript and jQuery. Site content is generated dynamically from a MySQL database with a PHP interface. CSS was generated from SASS stylesheets using CodeKit and Compass. The site uses FrancoisOne, Helvetica and generic sans font to render text.

Much of the software used is available free-of-charge under GNU General Public License (GPL) or MIT License.

You may see the original version of this website at