AMANJ Membership

Transfer of Membership

Whenever a member resigns, retires or is otherwise separated from their employment during the fiscal year for which the dues have been paid, their membership shall be transferred to their successor, provided that the AMANJ Membership Chairperson has received notice of said transfer in advance.

A member who desires to transfer their membership from one category to another shall file a NEW application and pay the added dues, if any, applicable to their new membership category.

Application for Membership Information

Application for Membership

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP shall be attained when an application for membership and payment of the Annual Dues is received by the AMANJ Treasurer/Membership Chairperson, from a County Association Treasurer, verifying that the applicant is a member in good standing in that County Association.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP shall be attained when a membership application and annual membership dues are received and eligibility verified by the AMANJ Treasurer/Membership Chairperson.

AMANJ County Presidents